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Leo-PassageAt Pivot Point® International, we believe it’s our responsibility to evolve hair and beauty education, challenging the status quo. For over 50 years, our continual commitment to creating rich educational experiences and developing best-in-class educational content, has enabled us to foster over 1 million individuals, on six continents, as they realize sustainable careers within the beauty industry. We know what drives beauty professionals to succeed—what they see as relevant to further their career; we provide education, tools and a community in which to thrive.

Our mission is to empower through education and our extensive brandfolio allows us to do so. All of these offerings cater to industry professionals and non-professionals, at all stages of their careers, providing solutions that enhance everyday experiences and combat consistent challenges within the industry. Pivot Point International’s philosophy of lifelong learning, combined with our offerings, encourage growth and professionalism in an industry that is built on products and services that help everyone look and feel their best.

In 2012 we celebrated our 50th year of creativity, education and empowerment. Today, we carry  with us a legacy of passion for education and the creative force of Pivot Point Founder Leo Passage. As we look toward the future, we are committed to continuing that legacy and exploring new educational frontiers.


Pivot Point Education, Ltd. aspires to be the partner of choice for training organisations and employers. Within the industry we aim to make a difference and, through our customers, offer every new recruit the chance to gain strong foundational skills in a conducive learning environment.

1. Listen to our customers to develop educational programmes that challenge, stimulate and offer progression beyond level
2. With our customers and colleagues identify ways to improve participation in level 3 programmes.
3. Through our education programmes showcase hairdressing as a career that is forward thinking, rewarding and professional.
4. To work with training organisations and employers to develop greater synergy and recognition providing benefits to everyone; successful outcomes, a commercial hairdresser that contributes to the salon and has great earning potential.


Pivot Point International is a leading publisher and provider of hairdressing and beauty education solutions for training organisation, salons, students, individual stylists and international distributors. The company’s brandfolio, including A Designer’s Approach™, Salon Fundamentals™, Artist Access®, Exam Ace™, Snap Cap®, Meta™, Mindful Teaching® and Salonability™, can be found on six continents. Since 1962 when Leo Passage founded the Pivot Point Beauty School in Chicago, Illinois, the company has empowered and embraced hair designers who elevate their skill to a higher level of artistic creativity.

Lifelong learning is the cornerstone upon which the company has built 50 years in the industry. Pivot Point-educated beauty professionals are bold and curious in their pursuit of a successful career because they know how to approach every client with the precision and artistry indicative of the Pivot Point method.


SA8000 certification solidifies a commitment to human rights by guarding against the use of child and forced labor, discrimination and unfair disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation.

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I was delighted by famous works of renowned stylists, which were made at global competitions on mannequins and I wished to have that kind of mannequin too. And look, dreams do come true! Now I have four mannequins of exceptional quality, from the best company (and that’s not only my opinion), PIVOT POINT, and which were recommended by Make a Point. I’m extremely satisfied when I create my work on these mannequins.

They were delivered in a very short time and completely safe, they have the best quality, 100% natural hair and you can trust me that you will please any customer who will ask you for a special hair style on long or medium hair length. Thank you Make a Point for giving me this joy! I chose quality! How about you?

Liuba Trofaniuc, Hair Stylist, Beauty Story Salon

The brand I work for has very high demands and it constantly challenges me to find the best solutions. Make a Point responded to my challenges and did and excellent delivery, in a very short deadline. I thank them for this and I’m certain that such a name will find a path on the specialty market for many experienced people, very soon.

Denisa Oană, Brand Manager & Educator, Topline Romania

Certainly this is the most qualitative mannequin I’ve ever worked on, with a hair insertion very close to the human one, ideal density and length for making occasion hairstyles. Natalie is my favorite! Thank you Make a Point, thank you lady Liuba!

Iulian Toninchi, Iulton

Natalie – a mannequin with an extraordinary hair!!! I can say that I have done a very good investment (on long term) by buying this, because the hair is very thick and with a perfect length. So far I have succeeded on creating all hairs styles I have wanted. I sincerely recommend it, it totally worth the money!

Mariana Grindei, Hair Stylist, Beauty Salon & Academy

When I attended the workshop presented by madame Olga Ivanitza, I fell in love with her mannequin and I wanted to have one as well in order to practice the most wonderful hairstyles. Natural, thick, blonde and very qualitative hair leads me to practice more and more for accomplishing special evening hairstyles. I chose quality and I advised everybody to buy mannequins recommended by Make a Point. Also, the metal support is extraordinary, the mannequin is supported very well and this helps me a lot in my work.

Ioana Raluca, Hair Stylist, Ralu Beauty